City Club Card Delivery service

Online store of City Club Card Delivery service is now open and taking orders. The City Club Card project has opened its very own Delivery service. We got quite a serious task, which was to combine the retro-style design with a very advanced back-office and modern approach to usability. What made it even more complex was that, unlike with ordinary stores that offer a predefined range of products, in our case we had all sorts from home decor to hi-end equipment, from flowers and books to restaurant food.

We tried to make the process of product search and purchase simple and pleasant. All registration information is transferred through the modal windows. A floating shopping basket is always in the view and the customer can see which products were orders and the total price. You can add or remove the products with a single click, and the changes will instantly be reflected in the shopping basket. The food section of the site has an automatically generated restaurant menu in PDF format.

Not only did we take care of the customers, but also of the sellers themselves. The Club partners have a limited access to the administration panel and an opportunity to update the prices directly on the City Club Card website. Specifically for the website operators we created a system to monitor new orders, import verified products and added numerous options for editing uploaded images. Not to mention price and product transfer wizards, tags, system of similar product recommendations, generation of orders with images in PDF format and a lot more.

That wasn’t an easy task, but we were cold-blooded and ruthless in doing our job and hitting the target, so that now we are ready to meet an even rougher foe. So if you have a candidate for such project — do let us know.
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