Internet newspaper

We finished working on a large and interesting project — Internet-newspaper «Tribune»


Autumn mood

Weve got a new theme with a very poetic autumn mood. It has also inspired us at a design of desktop wallpaper, which can be downloaded here.


Three at one stroke

Summer is over, and so are its hot sun and sultry nights. Everything that prevented normal workflow is over Its autumn now, and weve updated our portfolio with three new works at one stroke!


Final of 6 IAF

Our site is a finalist of Internet advertising and web design competition at 6 KIAF (Kyiv International advertising festival)


Re-design of Pula Design

Re-design of our site is now finished. Feel free to send us your comments — we look forward to hear what you think!


Corporate website design for Intrek company

We finished our work on a corporate website for the Intrek company. And now we know exactly what cavitation is.


E-commerce website: logo and site design

Our web studio designed a logo for Xeons E-commerce site and has now started working on website design itself


iTech good start

Our web studio designed a logo for the iTech company, a notebook reseller. Were currently working on e-commerce enabled iTech website for sales over the Internet.


Pula supports V. Yushchenko

We are nearly indifferent toward politics, we dont join demonstrations, and we dont watch political news. However, as representatives of creative intelligent people, we state that «PulaDesign supports V. Yushchenko». And we wont even explain why…


Weve changed for the better

Our old logo served us well for long, however its time has gone up. We are glad to present our new corporate logo. Take a look at a top left corner of the website, at its place of honour. This is the logo that will mark our work from now on. Take a look and remember it, as this is a mark of quality.