Graphic design

Graphic design means creation of visual informative communication between graphics and audience. Main objective of graphic design is to grab people’s attention, making certain product or information visually stand out from the rest. People perceive more than 80% of all information visually, yet never do they feel lack of it or experience strong wish to receive another advertisement message. The only thing to do is create superb bright unordinary designs that will make them stop astounded, say «wow», read from A to Z, remember your logo, company or buy your product.
Graphic design is Pula’s favorite subject. We do our best to combine aesthetic and functional elements as effectively as possible to get maximum effect in the end. We are experts in visual communications, branding products and corporate identity design. After all, there’s no website that we work on that can do without graphic design. Corporate style, color schemes, print composition, interface elements, artwork, pixel and vector graphics — all of that at a high-level is created in our studio.

Corporate style

Print design