Catapulta CMS features

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  Website structure and pages management
  • Website sections are simple to create, edit and manage. All modifications are automatically displayed in the control panel and on the website once saved;
  • Visual editor. Site administrator doesn’t need to have any HTML skills to place new content on the website. Experience with Microsoft Office package is sufficient for using our visual editor;
  • Backup and restore.

  News and press-release system
  • Optional press-release types: News, Articles, Interviews – can be anything you want;
  • Automatic resize of photos and images to fit the specified proportions;
  • Support of separate date, author, region information and keywords for each news;
  • Interlinking of news through keywords;
  • News archive.

  User management
  • Any authorized user groups;
  • Distribution of access rights and levels.

  Online store
  • Management of product groups and brands;
  • Support of optional unique product features;
  • Capability to edit products online through Catapulta CMS as well as by importing information from external resources;
  • Easy price updates via simple upload of Excel spreadsheet with new prices. Export of products from the website into Excel spreadsheet;
  • Auto-correction of photographs;
  • Product comparison and selection;
  • Support of different user types and discounts: anonymous users, registered users, dealers etc. Discount systems for specific product categories and suppliers;
  • Review and order management. Export of orders into Excel;
  • Statistic of what is in popular demand, what do users search for;
  • Payment systems support;
  • Search engine friendly websites, built-in search engine optimization.

  Search engine optimization
  • Keyword management for each page;
  • Rules can be set to auto-generate keywords;
  • Automatic creation of Google-sitemap;
  • Link exchange.

  Extra modules
  • Portfolio
  • Tags support
  • File manager
  • Gallery
  • Internal banners system
  • Blog and comments
  • Guest book
  • Polls and surveys
  • Multiple languages