Main competitive advantages of Catapults CMS

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  • Usability
    Easy to understand and convenient interface of control panel, developed by our specialists, makes it simple and pleasant to use this system for users of any level of experience.
  • Functionality
    Catapulta offers a full set of tools for editing website content and structure. And don’t worry about design – we’ll always take care of that for you.
  • Search engine optimization
    Our system was developed with automated search engine optimization in mind. Your site will be highly visible in search engines. This is especially important and extremely beneficial for e-commerce websites and online stores.
  • Interactive tutorials
    In addition to contextual help information throughout the pages in control panel, we designed a set of educational videos which will train you to use every aspect of the whole system within no more than an hour.
  • Security
    User authentication, access rights management and backup system implemented in Catapulta minimize risk of unauthorized access and modification, thus ensuring integrity.
  • Expansion and development
    Even when the site is finished it can be easily extended using additional project modules and new page templates.